Waiting for the rain maker

hi, I'm Shio, This blog will contain my fan arts, and seriously a lot of them will involve homosexuality. If you can't stand that, please leave this page.
Oh God! So amazing!!! This is now my favourite blog. One question: Do you write any fanfic? Wrote or writing whatever. Ooohhhhh I need give u my support! If you do,where can I find them?
by Anonymous

Thank you very much<333

You are sweet I already feel your support!! Yes I wrote fanfic, but I stop writing for a while…..because of some reasons being a writer made me upset…XD

And my fic isn’t written in English, so I guess most of my follower can’t read my story…?      

I lovee your art, is amazing :D :$$ ! One question? Do you like Thorki ?! If you do can you draw them ?!

Thank you very much! I think there are already so many brilliant artists ship thorki  and draw beautiful fanart……I admire their work but I’m not prepare to join them.

Hi, I don't know how could I have missed your blog (even though I saw some of your pics previously and one of them means really a lot to me), it's really amazing! Your art is stunning! I'm looking forward for more and wish you a lot of inspiration! :)

Ahhhh, you are too sweet!Thank you so much!! I wish I can spare more time on drawing, too, I have to many ideas but too little time.     

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how awsome your artwork of steve and tony is! I love it! You draw them both so well! Keep up the good work and I hope you keep drawing more of them.

Thank for your comment! I feel a little tired recently but I will keep drawing<3